FaradFlex™ for PCBs

MC24M, MC12M, MC8M, MC25L: Laminate Constructed with copper epoxy or other types of resin bonded to a high performance polymer film.

Laminate constructed with copper, epoxy resin and polymer film composite, barium titanate particles or other materials dispersed.

*****In 2012 FaradFlex™ product prefix changed from “BC” to “MC”.

Other products include: MC25L, MC7TM, MC5TM, MC16T, MC6TB, MC12LD, and MC25LD.

Product Description

FaradFlex™ MCM, MCTM, and MCL series are easy to process, and have been used commercially for the longest. These materials are commonly used in planar applications, most popular being telecom and high speed applications. The laminate is constructed with copper and epoxy or other type resin bonded to a high performance polymer film. Common copper thicknesses offered are 5 microns, 18 microns (0.5 oz), 35 microns (1.0 oz), and 70 micron (2.0 oz).

Typical Benefit

• Best PDN (power delivery network)
• Low impedance/low inductance
• Reduced resonance over frequency (thinner it better)
• Removes discrete capacitors, traces, vias, and pads from surface
• Improves/ increases design space
• Major reduction in PCBA failures including field failures
• Cost reduction due to reduction of components and assembly
• PCB size and weight reduction
• Reduction of EMI and Noise

Typical Applications

• High speed digital
• Analog and RF
• Automotive
• Aerospace and Space
• Network Telecommunications
• Handheld and commercial
• Industrial controls
• Medical Device
• Security
• Test and Measur

We have more product options available and other thin dielectric materials can be provided upon request. Please contact the sales team to get information on material best fit for your application.

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