IPC Electronics Materials Forum 2020

The Electronics Materials Forum is a new technical conference focused on developments in materials and processes associated with advanced electronics assembly and manufacturing. Materials enable advancement because it is possible to envision many future technologies, but they will never be fully realized without the materials and processes to manufacture them. The content will focus on materials for board fabrication, assembly, and post-assembly protection. The over-arching theme of emerging technologies that challenge our existing materials set will inform attendees on developments needed for the future. Interactive panels will also extend an open forum to discuss solutions to these challenges.

IPC Electronics Materials Forum 2020
November 5th to 7th
Hyatt Regency Bloomington Minneapolis

Robert Carter with Oak-Mitsui Technologies will be presenting on 11/7 Thursday at 10:30 AM.
“Factors in 2019 Designs that Impact Power Delivery and Benefit from Embedded Capacitance”​

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