Meeting the demands of

High Performance PCBs

FaradFlex, Oak-Mitsui Technologies’ family of embedded capacitance materials is the solution for the next generation of high performance PCBs, modules, packages, and for designs that require high data rates, optimum signal and power integrity, minimized EMI, reduced surface mount passives, and higher reliability.

Embedded Capacitance

FaradFlex® is the world’s leading ultra thin laminate for embedded capacitance technology in PCBs, modules, and packaging substrates.
With the increase in routing density, more active and passive devices, concern over board resonances and EMI, FaradFlex® is becoming the solution of choice for designers.


What does FaradFlex® do? How is it used? Who should utilize FaradFlex®? How many capacitors can be removed? Are there tips to processing the ultra thin material? What other laminates are compatible with FaradFlex®?

Visit the FAQ page to find answers to these questions.

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